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Tiger Paw Khan

Published on: November 27, 2012, 11:30 am

I’ve always been deeply suspicious of third party add-ons for the LP12 turntable. In my experience of the LP12 (which goes back 36 years), I’ve always felt the best results were achieved when using official Linn sourced components. Until now, that is.


Earlier this year I was asked to try an alternative top plate for the LP12 called the “Khan” from a company called Tiger Paw. I confess it took me ages to get around to trying it, due to a combination of shortage of time and scepticism. When I did finally get around to it, quite frankly I was a bit gobsmacked, as the saying goes.


Come and audition an LP12 fitted with a Khan top plate for yourself if you’re curious. We’ve fitted several for customers already and they’re all absolutely delighted with the results. In my opinion it represents fantastically good value for money. – I’m not going to try and describe the improvement it makes here. Like I said, if you’re interested, come in and listen. It will be worth it.


Tiger Paw Khan