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Aktiv Crossovers

Upgrading your Linn speakers to Aktiv is a great way to improve performance and also provides a significant step on the way to the ultimate upgrade of Exakt.


Aktiv crossover cards fit inside Linn amplifiers and split the signal before it's amplified, feeding a dedicated channel of amplification for each drive unit and bypassing the passive crossover inside your speakers.


This significantly reduces the noise and distortion associated with passive crossovers and also unlocks further upgrade possibilities - with your speakers Aktiv, you have all the amps needed to go to the next level using an Exaktbox.

Aktiv Cards

Active crossovers for Linn speakers


Aktiv Cards fit inside Linn Akurate, Majik and Chakra power amplifiers, supplying each channel of amplification the portion of the audio signal it needs to feed each individual drive unit in your speakers.


By splitting the signal before the amp stage, powering the speakers actively reduces the noise and distortion associated with traditional passive crossover design.


As well as Aktiv Cards, you will need a channel of amplification for every speaker drive unit. Akurate and Majik power amps make it easy to add the channels you need for your Linn speakers, with 2 to 6-channel models available.


Plus when you buy any Akurate or Majik amp for upgrading to Aktiv, we'll include the Aktiv Cards you need for your particular speakers, at no extra charge.


Compatible Speakers :


Akubarik Passive
Akurate 212
Akurate 225
Akurate 242
Artikulat 320
Artikulat 340
Artikulat 350
Klimax 350 Passive
Komponent 104
Komponent 106
Komponent 110
Majik 109
Majik 112
Majik 140
Majik Isobarik
Sekrit IW10