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We all know the value of a friend or colleague sharing their opinions on life's experiences or purchases.

We don't just take a manufacturer's word for things these days, just in case it's fake news.

That's why these genuine testimonials for our products and services are so dear to us. They are exactly what past customers have said. They haven't been asked to say these things. They haven't been paid to say these things.

Just honest opinions, from people that felt a need to share their buying - and more importantly, listening - experiences.

Chris and his team at Chris Brooks Audio provide the highest levels of quality and service in a timely manner for both audio and visual projects. Their depth of knowledge and creativity in providing bespoke solutions is exceptional, as are the results. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that the technology used for audio-visual can be used for heating, lighting and security, providing a single home-hub for entertainment and utilities

Rod Savage

I cannot praise the superb service given by Chris and his team highly enough. Their approach is a breath of fresh air in that rather than trying to sell you the most expensive products, they look at what you are trying to achieve and if that means something at a fraction of the price, so be it. Furthermore, their installation and support is outstanding, even down to the fine details. Whatever they recommend, you will not be disappointed as without fail, every suggestion has brought a huge grin of satisfaction on listening

Ian Bailey

It is over 30 years since I started dealing with Chris. I have made many visits over the years and have always been pleased with the outcome. He has tremendous knowledge on building systems to suit the individual and my most recent visit to upgrade my LP12 was a case in point. A tremendous improvement, breathing new life into my records. Highly recommended

Phil Tosh

Chris will ensure that you end up with a hi-fi system that truly lasts; he only deals in products that he does – or would – use himself. He is a great guide when one wants to explore which hi-fi products will give long-term delight. If you want a graphic equaliser, go elsewhere but if you want something that does what it’s supposed to do, day in, day out for years, then he’s the one

Nick Pattinson

I have been dealing with Chris for over 30 years and I’d say that if you only visit one Hi-Fi dealer in 30 years, make sure it’s Chris Brooks Audio. With regular upgrades (some inexpensive, some not so) I’m constantly surprised by what’s hidden on my records (only 4,000 of them) and my more recent Cinema system is awesome

Colin Lees

I have seen at first hand Chris’ dedication and passion for both his clients and the services/goods he provides, his attention to detail and his determination to ensure that his clients get a system which “ticks all their boxes”. His showroom in Stockton Heath is well worth a visit and I would definitely recommend Chris and his team to anyone who wants to install a top quality music or audio/visual system

Joanne Siddall

Chris provided expert installation advice in a complex old barn. By combining Linn product with my existing system, the results were astounding. Chris has a true musical passion

Roger Brown

Chris has an outstanding record, in fact several thousand! That aside, his technical knowledge, professional ability, attention to detail and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction is faultless. I would have no hesitation in working with him again or recommending him to any of my clients

Rory McVean, Firewall Landscape Consultancy