Multi Room Music Systems

Multi-room audio, replay systems in more than one room,is now fairly commonplace. The same considerations apply when choosing equipment for a multi-room system, the big advantage though is that the source components in your main system can now be shared between several rooms. Same performance, move coverage, less outlay per room. What’s not to like?

More control

Integration can mean a bespoke, custom control system that provides control of your Hi-Fi, home cinema, heating, A/C, lighting, gates, etc from a number of touch screens strategically positioned about your property. It could also simply mean the computer and telephone that you already own communicating with your existing TV, Hi-Fi and so on.

Ask us about integrated control. You might already own most of the building blocks required and you may be pleasantly surprised at the level of control that’s achievable without being horrified at the outlay involved.

More information

We’re always happy to discuss the options open to you when you’re considering upgrading or expanding your system. We can demonstrate a wide range of systems ranging from high end music and movie systems to discreet multi-room solutions. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll be delighted to show you how it can most effectively be done.

Multi room audio
Multi room TV