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Kaleidescape Premiere Line

Take Home Theatre to a whole new level……
Designed for virtually unlimited scalability, Kaleidescape Premiere systems support practically any number of rooms or movies. For example, one customer has 96 players, another has more than 15,000 movies. So, however grand your home theatre dreams, the Premiere line can make them come true.
Premiere Line

Introducing Cinema One

Cinema One
Kaleidescape Cinema One brings a movie experience to your home unlike anything you’ve ever seen. When you press Play, your movie starts instantly—with no previews or ads—for a truly theatrical movie experience.

Experience is Everything

Whether you choose an all-in-one yet expandable Cinema One or a custom-tailored installation from the Premiere line, your Kaleidescape System will completely change the way you enjoy movies. But it’s not just about our impressive hardware — it’s about how it all works together. How the hardware, software and services come together to bring you a genuine cinematic experience in your home.



Whether you’re trying to find the perfect film, or just trying to figure out if you already own a particular one, Kaleidescape apps for iPad and iPhone help you get the best out of your Kaleidescape Experience.



Every player includes a backlit IR remote to control movies and music on a Kaleidescape player. It features easy, one-button access to Kaleidescape’s user interface and features.

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