Home Cinema

Home Cinema is a term that is often used to describe any system that includes a TV and some surround sound speakers – but the true cinematic experience cannot be fully captured on a mere television set. The emotional intensity of being in close proximity to the actors, the impact of a multi-channel soundtrack – all those elements which combine to reveal the moviemaker’s art cannot be fully realised when compressed onto a small screen. It is however possible to experience the luxury of true cinema in your own home.

Like our music systems, Home Cinema at Chris Brooks accepts no compromise. Using large screen video projection and multi-channel high fidelity sound systems, we get you closer to the emotion and more involved in the experience than you would ever have thought possible.

Automated blinds and curtains, automated lighting, electric screens, projector lifts – all these separate elements of our systems combine to operate as one seamless whole, thanks to intuitively designed remote control systems.

We are proud to offer a selection of products which, in addition to Linn Products Amplification and Loudspeakers, includes Kaleidescape Movie Servers, Anthem A/V Processors, Sim2 Projectors, Stewart Projection Screens & AMX, Crestron and Control4 Control Systems:

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