Furman Power Conditioners

Furman Power Conditioners

For over 35 years, Furman has pioneered the development of AC power products for the most demanding audio, video, and broadcast professionals. Though the need for pristine AC power is nothing new, the Elite-16 Power Factor E i’s technology and its unique implementation are revolutionary and without peer.

Today’s power lines are plagued with RF and EMI noise. When connecting sensitive equipment to your home’s power outlet, AC noise couples into your system’s critical components, masking low level signals and seriously compromising performance. This low level content is critical because it relays the crucial harmonics and ambience in audio, as well as the depth and clarity in video. The Elite-16 PF E i is so substantial in its ability to unmask critical signal content, its performance is surpassed only by the Furman Reference Series. With Furman’s Ultra-Linear Filtering, televisions, projectors, DVD players, amplifiers, and processors are fed pristine AC power. For the first time, you will see and hear your home cinema or audio system as it should be – uncompromised.

The essence of the Elite-16 PF E i is Furman’s unique Power Factor Technology. For the first time, low-level analogue, digital, and video components are not modulated or distorted by the power amplifier’s extreme AC current demands. Further, the power amplifier is fed a highly filtered, extremely low-impedance supply of AC power. The Elite-16 PF E i, in fact, has in excess of 4 Amps of continuous current reserve (over 55 amps peak charge) for the most extreme peak power demands. This technology enables power amplifiers and powered subwoofers to operate at maximum efficiency, reaching levels of performance previously unattainable. The net effect is as if your power amplifier virtually doubled in power and improved immeasurably in quality.

When employing the Elite-16 PF E i, you will immediately notice far clearer, stunningly focused sound and visual images from your system. Video presentation will be crisp and colours true with greater grey and black scale definition, as well as noticeably improved depth and clarity. Sonic transients will be startlingly fast with bass fundamentals that shake foundations with their weight and visceral impact. Mid and high frequencies will bloom with sweet, non-glaring ease as imaging improves dramatically, all the while remaining true to your system’s inherent virtues.

But what do our customers think?

Here are some comments from just a few of our customers who’ve added a Furman Power Conditioner to their already superb systems:


“With a couple of weeks use of the Furman Reference under my belt, can a bigger upgrade be made for the money? Simply stunning in my system!!
D.B. – St Helens


“It took just a couple of minutes into a demonstration of the Furman conditioner to convince me that I had to have one. The amazing lack of background noise helped to bring out detail that was just not audible before. Well worth the money! I would recommend this piece of kit to any true music enthusiast. It really works!”
D.K. – Appleton


“The effect of the Furman upon my venerable Kairn n’ Aktiv Klouts n’ Keilidhs was that of eucalytus oil upon a diva with a cold. Vocal timbre and bass clarity and depth are particularly improved without detriment to the overall balance and separation across the soundstage which itself has improved depth and breadth. There is also significant improvement in rooms served by the Intersekt which, along with my Akurate CD and Pekin, is also driven by this wonderful black box of tricks. Without doubt the most cost effective improvement in sound presentation in 17 years of system tweeking. Another one please for the cinema!*              *in due course”
S.D. – Oxton


“I believe that the Furman mains conditioner is now the starting point for any system. The improvement it makes to even the best systems is quite simply staggering. Not only does it allow you to hear things that just were not there before it also gives what I can only describe as a three dimensional quality to the sound particularly on vocals. The conditioner allows the system to breathe and also significantly reduces system noise which, at quiet points, makes you think the system is switched off. If you are looking to upgrade then this should be seriously considered.”
C.H. – Fleetwood


“Now to begin with I have to say that I have always been of the opinion that power conditioners have never been needed with Linn equipment and every one I’ve heard in the past has been detrimental – until now.

The other day I was shown a couple of power conditioners from a company called Furman from the States.

I have to say that I have had my eyes opened big time. I would say they give one of the biggest upgrades I have heard.

The Elite PF 16Ei (£950) and the IT Reference 16E i (£3199) are the two I heard. The Elite improvement was massive (KK to KK1 sort of scale) and the Reference was just mind blowing. They are split into 2 sections, the 1st giving massive low resistance clean power reserves for power amps and the other a clean power source for lower demands like pre-amps and sources and on the Reference 16Ei a further bank for digital/computer equipment. They allow your equipment to do what it is capable of and wow is it capable of delivering more that we’d heard before.

Sound-wise I can say that they represent one of the biggest and best value upgrades I have heard and I have listened to them work on Majik, Akurate and Klimax systems with equal success, including LP12s (which was mindblowing). The soundstage is expanded and instruments easily defined and placed. Instruments are rounded and more 3D if I can explain it like that. Notes have texture and timbre. Voices clear and precise. Attack and decay are much better defined and on my 242’s the whole frequency response is improved, bottom to top.

I apologise for the long post but I seriously think that this should be the first thing you buy, then build the rest of your system around it. It is that significant.

At the moment I think Chris Brooks Audio is the only dealer demo’ing them. I highly recommend you give them a listen.”

S.R. – Warrington