Linn Lounge Presents……… George Harrison

Published on: November 27, 2012 @ 11:41 am

Thursday evening, 29th November at our premises in Gaskell Street

George Harrison – Early Takes  Volume 1. (more…)

Furman Mains Conditioners

Published on: November 27, 2012 @ 11:39 am

The whole area of Mains Conditioners tends to be a bit of a minefield. It’s fraught with misconceptions. Someone recently said to me, “Why on earth would you need a Mains Conditioner? If you’re getting 230 volts AC at 50 cycles, surely that’s all there is to it?” – Er, quite. It’d be jolly nice if you were just getting 230 volts AC at 50 cycles all the time but that’s just the point you see. You almost invariably aren’t!

In reality, voltage varies, frequency varies and there’s a surprising amount of spurious DC content in your mains supply, some of it self induced. Electric motors, fridges, freezers, central heating pumps and a large proportion of IT equipment can put DC content that really shouldn’t oughta be there back into the mains.

Mains Conditioners were originally conceived to protect computers, which can be adversely affected by surges, the aforementioned spurious DC content and various other nasties in the mains supply. Then someone had the bright idea of powering their Hi Fi system via a Mains Conditioner and it did yield an improvement, kind of……, ish……, some of the time. (more…)


Published on: November 27, 2012 @ 11:35 am

This new system from Linn Products has received fairly massive publicity but in case you missed it, the Kiko system is Linn’s answer to anyone who fancies a really good music system but who thinks they’re all too big, too ugly, too expensive or the wrong colour! (more…)

Tiger Paw Khan

Published on: November 27, 2012 @ 11:30 am

I’ve always been deeply suspicious of third party add-ons for the LP12 turntable. In my experience of the LP12 (which goes back 36 years), I’ve always felt the best results were achieved when using official Linn sourced components. Until now, that is.

Earlier this year I was asked to try an alternative top plate for the LP12 called the “Khan” from a company called Tiger Paw. (more…)

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